Technical Guide

Are you interested in how magnetic resonance images are formed? Do you wonder how MRI quantifies blood velocities and flow? Here are two introductory physics texts that explain the basic principles of MRI.

Cardiac MRI has many different imaging sequences, each of which is optimized for assessing a specific aspect of the heart. A description of some of the more common cardiac MRI sequences can be found here.

Just starting your own cardiac MRI practice and looking for an overview of cardiac MRI workflow? You can find a patient preparation checklist and a cardiac MRI core imaging protocol.

Interested in getting paid for cardiac MRI? Of course you are! The Technical Guide lists relevant procedure codes, diagnostic codes, and reimbursement information for the United States.

Need a consent form, a policy and procedure form, or a study order form? We have examples that you can use as a starting point to construct your own forms.


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