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The Learning Center is a free resource offering tools
to assist you in developing your clinical cardiac MRI practice.


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Welcome to Cardiac MRI, the web’s leading resource focused exclusively on the clinical practice of cardiac MRI.

Don’t forget to check out the Self Test section where you can analyze cases yourself to gauge your accuracy.


Practical Guides

We have three practical guides to get you started.

Technical Guide

  • Basic MRI physics
  • Imaging sequences
  • Patient preparation
  • Billing
  • Reimbursement
  • Credentialing
  • Forms for download

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Disease Guide

  • Background
  • Why is CMR a good test?
  • MRI technique
  • Analysis
  • Findings affecting therapy
  • Drawbacks of existing tests
  • Sample report

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Analysis Guide

A step-by-step approach for analysis and quantification.

After completing this section, users can analyze cases on their own in the Self Test section.

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